Thursday, November 1, 2012

NOS 3 bottles Vinolia Talcum

New old stock
Never open Vinolia Talcum
Made in London, England bi Vinolia Co. Ltd

Price:RM150 for 3 bottles

The Vinolia Co. LTD has a fascinating history. Originating in England, it was in business at least as early as 1894, and more than likely for some years before that time. The company made many products with the Vinolia trademark besides its famous soap such as face and baby powders, ointments, toothpaste, perfumes, cosmetics, and shaving soap. William Lever bought the company in 1906, and the brand name still belongs to Unilever. However, the Vinolia Soap manufactured today is sold under the Pears trademark. Whoever sells it, it is quite a good soap that could hold its own and do well when compared to any soap on the market today. I display this soap proudly in my bathroom, and imagine its use back in the early 19th century. Though while a pleasing showpiece it's a drying formula which may not suit modern sensitivities (recommended for hardy edwardian stalwarts).Vinolia Soap began to receive a lot more attention when the movie Titanic was released as more and more people became enamoured of all things Titanic. If you'd like to experience what bath time was like for the wealthy passengers of this ship, id recommend trying a bar.

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